“I firmly believe that Columbia can be the most talented, educated, and entrepreneurial city in the Southeast if not America. Unfortunately, too often our community’s most promising rising stars believe they must relocate to Charlotte, Atlanta, or Washington D.C. because we cannot provide them with the opportunities they need to thrive. We cannot afford to let the next generation of trailblazers slip away from Columbia, SC. We have to show them that they can live up to their God-given potential right here in our city."


- Mayor Steve Benjamin

Mission: The mission of the Talented Tenth is to raise the standard of excellence of Young Professionals in the African American community.

Company Overview: Talented Tenth, born out of the vision of Mayor Steve Benjamin, started with a conference in November 2010. Talented Tenth seeks to create the environment for prosperity. Quite simply we advocate for the following:


As young professionals, we seek to impact the political process for the creation of laws that will help our community. We desire to encourage young professionals to be engaged in the community and active through community service. Realizing that young professionals need an environment where they can live, work, and play, we wish to create an environment where young professionals can mix and mingle. Each generation must pave the way for those coming behind them, so we advocate for better education and workforce preparation. We need more and better leaders...so we build and recognize leaders! Economic empowerment is crucial, so we encourage and nurture both entrepreneurs and corporate leadership.

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